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Dog Walks

We don't do pack walks, EVER! So you can be assured your dog always receives the necessary attention and care he or she deserves. We generally walk only one or two dogs at a time and occasionally three dogs when appropriate. We always make sure your dog is dry upon returning home if it is raining or snowing outside. A detailed note of our time with your dog will always be left for you so you know exactly what happened while you were gone. Included in the price of the walk, we will optionally feed or brush your dog or administer medications per your instructions.
Rates: (For walks from 10am - 6pm, Mon to Fri. Please see below for other times.)
  • 30 minutes: $18
  • 45 minutes: $23
  • 60 minutes: $29
  • $5 added before 10am, after 6pm M-F & weekends (per household, not per pet)
  • $5 added for any same-day service requests (placed after 8am)
  • $4 added each additional dog from the same household
** All services and prices are subject to 8.875% New York State Sales Tax

Overnight Dog Sitting

  • $80

  • We offer in-home sitting as well as boarding (subject to availability). The prices below include three full 30-minute walks, feeding, brushing, and plenty of love and attention for your adult dogs. We can pick up and drop off your dog at the prearranged time if you prefer to not use your home for an additional $10.
    Rate for 24-Hour Period: (Subject to Availability) $75 (discounted rates are available for extended stays two weeks or longer)
    • $10 added for each additional dog
    • $20 added for puppies younger than 12 months who need more attention
    • $10 added for cat care
    • $10 added for pick up and drop off service
    • $15 added for meet and greets for overnight dog sitting

    Dog Training

    Learn the skills to teach and communicate with your dog effectively. The trainer will work with you, your family, and your dog to provide long-lasting results.
    • Single one hour session $125
    • Three one hour sessions (purchased up front) $350
    • Five one hour sessions (purchased up front) $500


    Take your dog's education to the streets! The trainer will work one-on-one with your pup to help her learn to walk politely on leash, sit, stay, come, or anything else you would like your dog to do (or not do) while outside of your home. At least one Private Training session is recommend prior to any Walk-N-Train Session.
    • One half-hour session- $40
    • One one-hour session- $70

    Doggy Tutor

    Boost your dog's training progress with Doggy Tutor sessions! The trainer will work one-on-one with your dog inside of your home to help her learn basic commands, to ring a bell to go outside, exit a room (such as the kitchen) on command, accept bathing/ grooming, and so much more! At least on Private Session is recommended prior to any Doggy Tutor session.
    • Single half-hour session- $60
    • Single one-hour session- $100

    Severe or aggressive behavior

    Help your dog cope with the world around her! The trainer will work with you and your dog to help you manage and improve your dog's aggression, fear, separation anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and more.
    Please note: depending on severity, some cases may be referred to a veterinary behaviorist.
    ​Prices vary by case.

    Cat Visits

    We will send a cat lover to your home so your feline friend is not lonely without you! We're happy to brush cats, play with them, or just show them some plain ole' love. In addition to inducing purrs, the visit includes feeding your cat, giving him or her fresh water, changing their litter, and administering any medications they may need per your instruction. We will also leave a detailed note for you about exactly what we did and how your cat responded. We’re also happy to water plants or bring in mail/newspapers while you’re away.
    Rates: (For walks from 10am - 6pm, Mon to Fri. Please see below for other times.)
    • 30 minutes: $20
    • 45 minutes: $25
    • 60 minutes: $31
    $5 added before 10am, after 6pm M-F & weekends (per household, not per pet)
    $5 added for any same-day service requests (placed after 8am)

    Final Notes

    Other Animals: We are experienced and comfortable with other animals including rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, birds, turtles, etc.
    House Sitting Services: We will also take care of various home services which can help you relax when you're away, even if you take your furry friends with you. Please contact us for pricing.
    Holiday Surcharges: Please add $10 to any regularly priced service on the following holidays:
    • New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Christmas Eve
    Add $15 on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
    Sales Tax: All services and prices are subject to 8.875% New York State Sales Tax
    Insurance: All walkers are fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. Policy details are available upon request.
    Why Jordan's
    Our Team
    Services & Prices
    At Jordan's Pet Care we aim to accommodate our clients and provide the best pet care and customer service as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any of our policies. A copy of our policies can be found on our website as well.


    Our regular hours for services are 10am - ­6pm seven days per week, however, our office hours are from 10­6 M­F. We can often offer services between 8am­ - 10am and 6pm­ - 8pm based on employee availability but we cannot guarantee vistis outside of our regular business hours. Any requests sent outside of our office hours will be answered when our office hours resume. If you have an emergency and need to reach us outside of our business hours please call 347­-450­-8405 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible

    All scheduling requests should be emailed directly to info@jordanspetcare.com or placed through our online scheduling system Leashtime. Please ​ do not text ​ schedule requests or other inquiries or leave a note with your walker. Schedules are only confirmed once you receive an email response from our office to your request. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible so that we may accommodate all clients as best as we can.

    In order to ensure service, all weekday requests must be placed by 6pm the evening before service is requested. We aim to be as flexible as possible and can often accommodate requests made after this time but unfortunately we cannot guarantee them. ​ There is an additional $5 charge for all same day requests placed after 8am the day the service is requested.

    Weekend scheduling requests must be placed by 2pm on Fridays in order to ensure service. Our weekend staffing is limited and while we are happy to offer services on the weekend they should be booked in advance when possible. Please note, we may not be able to accommodate same day requests on the weekend and all weekend walks, both Saturday and Sunday, should be placed by Friday. If you have an emergency on the weekend please call 347­-450­-8405.

    We require a minimum two hour window for all scheduling requests and cannot guarantee a walk or visit at a specific time, but rather during the chosen window.

    *If your dog's regular walker is unavailable for any reason (vacation, sickness, etc.) one of our other walkers will walk your dog. All of our walkers work as a team to make sure your pet receives the best care possible.


    All cancellation requests should be emailed directly to info@jordanspetcare.com or placed through our online scheduling system Leashtime; ​ please do not cancel via text message or a note left for your walker.​ As with scheduling, advanced notice is greatly appreciated whenever possible.

    All cancellations must be made by 8am the day the service is scheduled with the exception of weekend services which must be canceled by 6pm the Friday prior to the scheduled service. ​ Any weekday cancellations made after 8am (including evening walks) or weekend cancellations made after 6pm on Friday, will be charged in full except in the event of an emergency.​ Our weekend availability is limited and we often have to turn clients away so unfortunately we cannot cancel any walks after 6pm on Friday without penalty. If a dog walk or cat visit is not canceled prior to scheduled service and your dog walker or cat sitter arrives for the appointment you will be charged in full for the visit. We respect all of our employees’ time and believe they should be properly compensated even in the event of an unfortunate mistake.

    Cancellations for overnight dog sitting must be made ​ within three days​ of the scheduled sit. ​ If not, you will be charged 25% of the total cost of the scheduled services​ .

    Cancellations for holiday services must be made within three day of the scheduled service or you will be charged in full for the service on the actual holiday. For visits spanning multiple days you will be charged 25% of the total services plus all surcharges.​ Our holiday availability is limited and we almost always end up turning away clients because we are fully booked so unfortunately we cannot accommodate any last minute or same day cancellations for holidays without penalty. Our regular 8am weekday cancellation policy or 6pm on Friday weekend cancellation policy does not apply to holidays.

    Holiday scheduling

    We offer limited availability on holidays on a first come first served basis and cannot guarantee service. Please schedule all holiday requests with as much advanced notice as possible in order to ensure service.

    Our office is closed on holidays and we cannot accommodate any same day requests.

    We will automatically cancel all regularly scheduled walks and pet visits on major holidays. However, if you need service on a major holiday please email info@jordanspetcare.com or schedule through our online system to confirm scheduling. Please allow as much notice as possible for holiday requests.

    There is a $10 surcharge on all services on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve. There is a $15 surcharge on all services on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


    Please direct all communications including schedule requests and cancellations, account updates, special requests or instructions for your pet, etc. directly to our office rather than via text to our employees.

    Payment policy

    All regularly scheduled services will be billed on a biweekly basis (on Sundays). Payment will then be due within five business days by either being left for the walker or paid online through our scheduling system (no later than the following Friday after the invoice is sent). ​ If an invoice is not paid within five business days you will incur a late fee of $2 per business day until the payment is made.​ If there is any issue or emergency that prevents you from paying within five business days please email info@jordanspetcare.com to avoid any late fees. We accept cash, check, or online payment via electronic check. All checks should be made payable to "Jordan's Pet Care." We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not currently accept credit cards.


    All clients must provide two sets of keys prior to the first day of walks. There will be a $15 key pick up fee after the initial consultation. This fee can be avoided by having two sets of keys ready for pick up during initial meeting or by bringing keys to us. Most clients choose to leave their keys with us for subsequent visits, however, if you require that your keys be returned to you this fee will apply next time we need to pick them up or they can be dropped off at our office. All keys are kept locked and secure when not in use.


    At JPC we prioritize the safety of all of the animals in our care. We use back up safety collars on all of our dogs during walks. These are metal slip collars that are used secondary to any collar or harness provided by the client. The slip collar is ​ only engaged in the event that a primary collar or harness becomes disengaged or broken so that we can prevent any dog from getting loose while on a walk. This is a safety feature that we have in place in case of equipment failure so that we can ensure that all dogs in our care are safe and secure while on walks.

    Medical emergencies and consent to veterinary care

    In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, your pet will be taken to your veterinarian or the closest veterinary facility if necessary. You will be contacted immediately, but if we are unable to reach you we reserve the right to make medical decisions on your behalf in order to ensure the health and well­being of your pet. All medical expenses paid by Jordan's Pet Care must be reimbursed by the client. By utilizing our pet care services you consent to allow us to provide your pet with medical attention if necessary and to reimburse any expenses paid.

    to choose Jordan’s Pet Care for all of your pet care needs

    1. We're Animal Lovers! We give your pet the love, attention, and care he or she deserves when you can’t be around to do it yourself! Additionally, we donate 5% of our profits to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

    2. We don’t do pack walks! We *never* walk more than three dogs at a time and only when appropriate. We want your dog to enjoy his or her time with us and safety is an absolute priority!

    3. We're the Perfect Sized Company: We offer the resources and flexibility of a larger company with the individual attention and care of a close knit group of dedicated dog walkers

    4. Convenience: Our interactive scheduling system allows you to quickly and conveniently login to request or cancel appointments, update your information, or make a payment, you can even sign up for auto-pay!

    5. Peace of Mind: Our scheduling system also records the time and location when walkers arrive and leave your house so you can always trust that your pet’s needs were met on time every time.

    6. We Take Pride in Our Customer Service: We value our clients and make it a priority to offer excellent customer service. You can be sure you’ll always receive email or phone call responses in a timely, professional and friendly manner. We’re easy to reach and always happy to address any questions or concerns.

    7. Flexibility: Although we can’t always guarantee it, we do our best to accommodate any last minute requests or schedule changes. We know life is busy!

    8. We're Covered: All of our employees are fully bonded and insured so your dog and your home are protected. Also, unlike a lot of pet care companies all of our pet care professionals are employees, not independent contractors. This means they are all entitled to worker's compensation, disability, unemployment, social security and other protections in place for workers. Furthermore, your house keys are kept in a locked safe with restricted access when not in use by your pre-scheduled walker.

    9. Availability: We offer dog walking and pet sitting services 365 days per year so you never have to scramble to find someone to care for your cat or dog!

    10. Experience: We’ve been in business and growing steadily since 2010. We’re experienced, reliable, and have plenty of clients who are happy to vouch for us!
    Why Jordan's
    Our Team
    Services & Prices


    Jordan's Pet Care is a boutique dog walking and pet care service in Park Slope, Brooklyn and the surrounding neighborhoods. We offer the personal attention, comfort, and reliability of an individual dog walker with the flexibility of a pet care company in order to meet and exceed all of your pet care needs. We specialize in offering the highest level of dog walking and cat care as well as excellent customer service. At Jordan's Pet Care we take pride in treating all animals with compassion, love, and respect.

    We make sure your pet's needs are always met with reliability, responsibility, and safety. Our dog walkers are lifelong animal lovers who are experienced and well-trained pet care professionals who have worked with various temperaments and behaviors.

    We not only value and respect the animals we care for, but also strive to provide the best customer service possible. You can expect our dog walkers to visit your dog or cat in a timely manner, provide them with exactly what they need as well as any additional services you request, and report back to you with all of the details. And when you contact us we always get back to you promptly.

    We offer our dog walking, cat care, and pet sitting services in Park Slope (North and South) and the general vicinity including parts of Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, and Cobble Hill.

    All walkers are fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

    Contact Us Today For More Information Or To Setup An Introduction Appointment!
    Why Jordan's
    Our Team
    Services & Prices
    Our Team